The Joy Of Making Beer At Home

making beer at homeOk, so your not exactly feeling “joy” just yet, but you will be once you actually start making beer at home. It’s always a little frustrating when you are starting a new hobby and making beer at home is no exception. The more you read the more questions pop up and the more confused you get. I remember when I first started making beer at home that I never thought I could make a beer as good as Budweiser. Yup, you read it wright, Budweiser. That was the extent of my beer knowledge, Budweiser was the ” King Of Beers ” and I aspired to make a beer that tasted as good as theirs. Todays generation has such a fantastic selection of beer to chose from, I am sure you are already more educated then I was.  Educated about the taste anyway, making the beer is a whole other ball game. Hopefully we can get you started on the wright path and answer most if not all of your questions about making beer at home. Also try to remember that this is not a business, so you should have fun with it.

Making Beer At Home For Over Twenty Years, I Experienced Everything You Can Think Of

From yeast not activating to just a down right nasty finished product, making beer at home can sometimes be very discouraging.  I have also tried beer making recipes that turned out so tasty that my mouth is watering as I am typing this. If your the type of person that will give up if your first batch is a dud, then read as much as you can before making beer at home for the first time. The more you practice the better the beer gets and you will be very happy you stuck with it.

I usually drink my previous batches while Im brewing a different recipe, so I couldn’t always remember what beer brewing methods I used. This made it very hard for me to brew the same beer twice. After a couple of years of this “trial and error” method while I was making beer at home, I decided to start keeping a journal . This worked out great! Not only could I reproduce some of my favorite beers, but I also learned what caused certain characteristics of beers that I didn’t like.

Over The Past 4 Or 5 Years I Started Using The Internet To Enhance My Making Beer At Home Experience

I started out by reading a tun of posts in beer making forums on the internet. There were people with some great beer brewing tips, but everything was so scattered, there was no real order or direction to follow. After reading the posts for months I started to chime in the conversations. I was surprised at the reactions I was getting from the people as I was telling them about my experiences making beer at home. I met a lot of great people, and we started trading techniques and beer making recipes.

This website is a culmination of my beer making journal and what I have learned from my beer making friends on the internet. My articles are not that long, only because I make sure to include only the information that will help your quest for making beer at home.

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